Our Philosophy

  1. Promotion of Accessible Music Education – We provide clear and practical guidance in music theory and composition techniques accessible to music creators of all levels, from beginners to professionals.
  2. Stimulation of Creativity – We offer articles and lessons that inspire readers to discover and develop their own musical ideas.
  3. Community Building – We foster a supportive community where music creators can share experiences and learn from each other.
  4. Utilization of Technology – We provide information on the latest technologies and software in music production, supporting our readers to stay at the cutting edge of music creation.
  5. Bridging Diverse Musical Genres – Through introducing a variety of music genres, we offer a platform for readers to explore a broad musical horizon.
  6. Creating Empathy and Solidarity Through Music – We introduce music videos that resonate beyond words, fostering empathy and solidarity among people worldwide.
  7. Providing Educational Value – We offer easy-to-understand explanations of music theory, performance techniques, and music history through videos, contributing to music education.
  8. Introducing and Respecting Cultural Diversity – We delve into various musical styles from around the world, providing perspectives that understand and respect cultural backgrounds and values.
  9. Providing a Source of Creativity and Inspiration – We share information that can be useful for individuals interested in music production to gain ideas and inspiration for their creative activities.
  10. Promoting Interaction within the Music Community – We provide a platform where music fans, artists, and producers can interact and support each other, contributing to the overall development of the music industry.